Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Remains Of Sep 11 Victims Found In New York

Four years after the attack, remains are still being found in the corners of Ground Zero in New York City where the World Trade Center once stood.

Construction workers found ten small bone fragments this last week on the roof of the 41-story Deutsche Bank building while dismantling the skyscraper, which was struck by debris when the neighboring World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001. The fragments were turned over to the city medical examiner for testing to determine if they were human. If so, they may be able to extract DNA from them to provide closure for some families who had no body to bury after the atrocity. On the other hand, it could open a new well of grief for families who have already buried part of their loved ones.

Only 292 intact bodies were recovered from the estimated 2,749 people butchered by Al Qaeda in the WTC. New York stopped trying to identify remains last February. They have stored 9,720 unidentified bone and tissue fragments in the hope that future technology will tell us who they were.

They will be finding pieces of people at Ground Zero for years to come.


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