Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meet The Saudi Suicide Bomber

Meet Ahmad ibn Abdullah Al-Shayie, a 21 year old Saudi suicide bomber who, with the luck of fools, survived his murder mission. His victims were not so lucky. Just take a look in these dead eyes and you get an idea of the brick-like intelligence of the Saudi jihadis. He is a typical product of the Saudi school system which is short on teaching infidel geometry but long on indoctrinating their young charges on the necessity of bloody Islamic imperialism.

Ahmad the Genius was born in Buraidah, a particularly venomous part of Wahhabi-Land. He decided to run away from home and join Al Qaeda to help his Iraqi brothers fight jihad against the Americans. His Al Qaeda recruiter in Saudi Arabia hooked him up with smugglers who took him to Syria, then on into Iraq, more specifically the Doura district in the south.

There the local Al Qaeda cell trained him to drive an oil tanker. On December 25, 2004, they told him to drive the tanker to the Al-Mansour neighborhood in Baghdad. Says Ahmed the Genius, "They asked me to stop the tanker near a concrete barrier, saying someone would come to receive the tanker from me. But no sooner had I stopped the tanker than it exploded.”

Evidently, the tanker was detonated by remote control by Ahmad's Al Qaeda controller, who regarded him as suicide fodder. Miraculously, Ahmed the Genius survived, blown out of the cab of the tanker by the blast, though suffering severe, and deserved, burns over most of his body. He was arrested by Iraqi police and turned over to the Saudis. The blast killed a dozen innocent Iraqis, including seven members of the same family.

The Saudis intend to showcase him on a television program to warn against the dangers of running off to Iraq to fight jihad, but then a large part of the Saudi government is actively indoctrinating these kids in Wahhabi hate and recruiting them as jihadis to be dispatched to Iraq and elsewhere to do evil.

The good news here is that a lot of Saudi wannabe jihadis are disappearing in Syria. Rumors abound that some smugglers are selling them to Americans after charging them ten grand for the ride. I can only hope our CIA is doing its job, buying the bloodthirsty little Saudi bastards by the dozen, and planting them quietly out in the desert before they can do any harm.


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