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Code Pink Continues Protest Of Walter Reed

Radical lefties from all over the nation are gathering in a big steaming pile here in Washington, DC for a giant Protest-A-Rama against the war and against Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and dozens of other things. It seemed a sure bet that some of them would find their way to the Friday night "peace vigil" Code Pink has been holding at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for five or six months now. So I took my camera out to see what was happenning in the ongoing protest drama there.

To recap the Walter Reed story, Code Pink, a far left group, has targeted Walter Reed Army Medical Center for their anti-war protest in a gesture of monumental insensitivity. They've made a lot of wild charges about military conspiracies regarding the wounded soldiers from Iraq who are treated there. They claim this is a vigil, not a protest. Nobody is fooled.

Conservatives consider Walter Reed an outrageous venue for a protest. A number of ad hoc conservative groups, the "Freepers" of Free Republic foremost, have been counter-protesting Code Pink at Walter Reed for at least five months. Their morale was still as high as when I visited a month ago and they doubled their numbers in anticipation of this weekend's surge of protestors.

Melanie Morgan, co-chair of "Move America Forward", stopped by to visit on her coast-to-coast "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" bus tour. She hosts a conservative talk show on KSFO 560 radio in San Francisco out there on the Left Coast, of all places. I had no idea conservatives were allowed in the Bay Area. Isn't she a little cutie-pie?

I had hardly been there ten minutes before a middle-aged man from the Code Pink side darted across the Georgia Avenue to confront the Freepers in a shout, "DON'T CALL ME UNAMERICAN!" Everyone kinda looked at each other, wondering who called him un-American. Turns out nobody did, but nevertheless that's what the Code Pink guy was feeling. He was a Navy veteran, he claimed, and had the moral authority to oppose the war.

Of course, you need to take the claims of demonstrators claiming military service with a grain of salt. B.G. Burkett in his book Stolen Valor tells us that his investigation of weepy vets at antiwar demonstrations revealed that two thirds of them were phonies, either grossly misrepresenting their military service to gain attention or having no service at all. Generally, the more bits of uniform a protestor is wearing, the more likely he is a fake whose only time in the military was spent shopping in the army surplus store. The probability of them being a phony rises dramatically if they claim to have been in an elite unit like the SEALs or Green Berets. Generally, combat veterans clam up rather than spout off. Those who spout off the loudest about their horrific combat experiences often turn out to have been supply clerks.

However, taking the Navy Code Pinker's claim at face value, he did finger the central contested issue of this series of demonstrations: moral authority. The Code Pinkers desperately want it and are frustrated that their protest is not gaining it for them. They are becoming more edgy, more strident, more confrontational, louder, angrier. They are resorting to dirty tricks to defeat the Freeper counter-protest. They are losing and they don't like it.

Most of all they are confused as to why their protest isn't working. They thought that if they just repackaged themselves from the classic lefty troop-haters to pose as supporters, they could fool the public. They thought if they just changed their signs from "MAIMED FOR LIES" to "WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS, BRING THEM HOME NOW", public opinion would support them, even the troops would support them. After all, the lesson of the Vietnam war protests is that spitting on the troops loses the sympathy of the general public.

So they have changed their marketing pitch to "Love the troops, Hate the war." The flaw in this marketing campaign is that lefties still hate the military, which comes through in spite of themselves. What the Code Pink people don't get is that the medium is the message. The implicit message of a protest at Walter Reed where the war-wounded recover is one of contempt for the troops.

There's Melanie Morgan, again, standing with a counter-protestor with a pretty funny sign: "How about rooting for OUR side for a change, you liberal moron?" I'd like to see that message plastered on billboards across Blue State America. Plant the first one outside the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.

Code Pink voices their frustration at being counter-protested by what they call "loud, raucous Rove brown shirts" (two of the sinister Rovian agents are pictured above) on their website in the rather desperately titled "Save The Walter Reed Vigil" page:

"NOW TODAY, there are some who are so unsure of their own position that they feel they cannot tolerate even our small, short, weekly vigil. These people wave the American flag but they have lost the essence of what it means. They say God Bless The Troops but they don't understand what it is that you and your comrades fought for, are fighting for. Their goal is to silence us, and what will they do then? HOW DID it come to this? That a small, humble vigil of ten people or so, should turn into such a storm? What are we saying that gets them so angry?Support Our Troops. Full Benefits for Our Vets. Bring the Troops Home".
Code Pink is quite transparently lying here. They started out carrying mock flag-covered coffins and signs saying "ENLIST HERE AND DIE FOR HALLIBURTON", before bad publicity made them sanitize their signs to convey more decent sentiments. Friday night, the Code Pink people were strumming a guitar and all singing along to a song that urged the troops to stop killing children:
"No more blood for oil;
We shall not be moved.
No more killing children;
We shall not be moved."

And so on and so on. The lyrics go on like that forever like a dentist drill in your skull. Calling the troops child-killers is not supporting the troops, but rather is the kind of slander which makes ordinary people angry, which creates the storm of counter-protest. Simply put, what Code Pink advertises in their website does not match what any casual observer can see with his own eyes at Walter Reed.

The counter-protestors are composed mostly of military veterans, military wives, military family members, and girlfriends of soldiers. It seems to me that they speak with moral authority when they say "God Bless The Troops," as opposed to Code Pink people who have very little connection to the military and find it an alien entity. This clumsy appeal to "you and your comrades" in the military is a creepy, condescending, and manipulative approach which assumes a bogus camaraderie with military people. Nobody is buying it.

The troops despise Code Pink, according to the word of a person who works with them in the hospital who came out to thank the counter-protestors after Code Pink departed. The person added that the troops were very appreciative of the counter-protestors.

I'm happy to second their appreciation. A blind man could see that these are just the kind of patriotic women who make America stand tall. We salute them! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to red-blooded American men everywhere.

A wounded soldier wheeled himself out to the Freepers one night when the counter-protests began. He had lost both legs above the knee. He had burn spots all over his forearms. He told the Freepers the spots were worse on his chest. He was maybe 22.

According to him, wounded soldiers returning to the hospital routinely flipped the bird to Code Pink. On Friday nights, a bus takes many wounded troops out to dinner and shows, which patriotic DC businessmen donate to them. They return about 9:30 PM. Sometimes the troops would ask the bus driver to stop halfway in the gate and turn on the inside lights so that Code Pink could get a good view of their middle fingers. That was pretty discouraging to the Pinksters.

The Freepers think that's why Code Pink changed its original protest hours of 8 to 10 PM, moving it forward an hour to 7 to 9 PM, so they would avoid encountering the troops on the bus. Evidently, it was beating down the morale of the Code Pinkamaniacs and whittling down their numbers. The bulk of the regular, local Code Pinkers tend to be naive folks who think that a crass appeal to the self-interest of the troops, ie pulling them out of harm's way in Iraq, is supporting the troops. They don't think the troops can see through that because they assume that anyone who joins the military is fairly stupid. The Code Pinkers don't understand the military people's sense of mission. They think they can trick the hicks from the sticks with a couple syrupy slogans. That arrogance and ignorance has undermined their protest, thank goodness.

The Pinks are fond of grandiose claims. For example, in their Walter Reed Vigil Report No. 5: "Before tonight's vigil two of the vigilers went door to door in the neighborhood. What they found was universal support for our presence and for what we are doing."

Well, I stopped and chatted with some of the neighborhood people. It was a warm night, which brings the folks on this side of town out on their porches like back in the old days. These working folks don't have the money to run air conditioning all the time.

One Hispanic girl sitting on her front steps with her sisters and grandma told me that the Pink people came knocking on their door and asked them to join their protest but they didn't really understand what it was about. Something about bringing soldiers home but from where? Their home was only about a half block from the demonstration but they couldn't really hear anything. She said it didn't bother them. None of them were really very curious about it. That kind of political activism is for middle class people with lots of leisure time. For the people who live on Georgia Avenue, pretty much all their time is invested in surviving. Protesting is a luxury sport.

So once again, when you make even a casual investigation of reality and compare it to Code Pink's version of events, they don't match. There is no "universal support" for Code Pink in the Walter Reed neighborhood. There isn't much awareness of what the protest is about or interest in joining it. It's a rich white woman thing, like bridge.

And really, what a clumsy lie to claim you enjoy "universal support." Only Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro make claims like that. Here in the real world, it's hard to get five people to agree on where to go for lunch, let alone get an entire neighborhood to agree on politics.

The best news of the night was that our chicks were way hotter than their chicks, which, in my view, demonstrates the nobility of our cause and the soundness of our method. Nuff said.

Hmmmm. Maybe I should have brought my old flight suit. I'm not sure I could still fit in it though. And it might smell like mothballs.

Here is a Protest Warrior who claims to have worked with Smash, recently moving from San Diego to Washington. He's the only guy on our side who worried me. Anyone who trades San Diego for DC shows questionable judgement. I can only hope the first blizzard will cure him.

Meow! She does have a point, which I think might be that Code Pink is posing as supportive of the troops rather then expressing an authentic love for the them. Code Pink only makes token expressions of affection for the wounded guys suffering in Walter Reed.

I crossed Georgia Avenue to check out the Code Pinkers, who by my count outnumbered their counter-protestors, 148 to 112. They owned the Walter Reed side of the road, while the Freepers owned the other side.

These folks, above, were the ones singing about baby-killing. They played another song to the tune of "When The Saints Go Marching In," which went on forever, like all these protest songs, beginning new stanzas with the following leads:

"When they say, no blood for oil, ...."

"When they say, no blood for Halliburton, ...."

"When they send, Dick Cheney to Iraq, ...."

"When they send, the twins to Iraq, ...."

"When they build, up the levees, ...."

"When the Iraqi, people are free, ...."

Of course, if Code Pink had its way and our troops were all brought home, the Iraqi people would never see freedom. The Baathists and jihadis would be free to do their worst, fighting over Iraq like wild dogs over a bloody bone. That is why this peace protest is so wrongheaded. Pulling the troops out of Iraq would lead to more war, more bloodshed, not peace. But then Code Pink is not really against war. They are just against America.

Many of the Code Pink protestors looked like normal people. They each had a vigil candle in a little glass vase. I had the sense that they were church people who fell in with the Code Pink Marxists out of naivete.

I really don't know what they are talking about here, but then they probably don't either.

Generally, the local regulars to these Code Pink protests tend to be older, more mature people which accounts for their discipline in culling the most radical elements from their protest. However, the out-of-town crowd passing through for the big DC protest tended to be younger and dumber, less mature and more rude. It looked like some of the older folks were standing apart from the main Code Pink mob.

Lefties have learned over the last couple years to include an American flag in their protests. Up until then, you could usually count more commie flags than American flags, although there are always plenty of adulterated Old Glories covered with swastikas or peace signs or some such nonsense. Code Pink has been careful to avoid that.

In my brief chats with the Code Pinkies, they seemed more adversarial this time around than they did a month ago. Back then, I could discuss with them in a civil way the issues at hand, even joke that they should try some Conservative Propaganda, that they may acquire a taste for it if they tried it. There was no joking around this time.

The Pinks felt aggrieved. "Do you hear what they are saying over there," they complained, pointing across the street at the counter-protestors (Rove's brownshirts in the language of the Code Pink bulletins). They were stung to have their patriotism questioned, to be accused of supporting the terrorists, to be accused of not supporting the troops when, look here, they had signs that said WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS. They wanted them to stop saying all that. The Code Pink people cared very much what the Freepers thought of them. By contrast, the Freepers do not give a hoot in hell what Code Pink thought of them. In their hearts, the Code Pink protestors have granted moral authority to the counter-protestors.

The distress of the Code Pink protestors arises from the perverse definition of patriotism adopted by the extreme Left. Back in the '60s, the leftists considered protesting against Vietnam as the highest form of patriotism. By degrees over the decades, the lefties came to define patriotism as protest. Now, they live in a parallel intellectual universe where you can only be a patriot if you are castigating America. By their peculiar inversion of values, they see people who support America as traitors, Rovian agents, brownshirts. They live in a topsy turvy moral universe where black is white, up is down, treason is patriotism.

Consequently, it exasperates the Code Pink protestors when their demonstrations are not well received. They are used to being granted moral authority the moment their protest hits the street, whatever their cause, and enjoying popular support. Being counter-protested has thrown them off. It doesn't seem fair to have their tactics turned against them, to be hoisted with their own petard. They have no strategy for dealing with dissent from their position. The old protest game isn't working for them anymore. They're bogged down in a protest quagmire.

"I'm not threatening you," said Mr. Radical Ponytail right before he threatened to have the cops remove me if I took more photos of the Code Pink demonstration. He claimed to be the demonstration monitor, whatever that is. This is a permitted demonstration. We have a permit and you can not harass us. And so on. He was quite full of shit. I called his bluff and walked him over to the nearest police officer to referee the dispute, who had a "Why me" look on his face.

I asked the officer if there was any problem with me taking photos of the demonstration. Nope.

But he's from the Other Side, said Mr. Radical Ponytail. We can't have people coming from the Other Side disrupting our demonstration. We have a permit. These people will cause trouble. You have to head this off now before there is trouble. We have a permit that protects us from this.

I'm not a demonstrator, I told the cop. I'm covering the demonstration for my blog. I'm not disrupting anything, just taking photos.

He's intimidating people, said Mr. Radical Ponytail. He's sticking his camera in people's faces and that's intimidating. He can take pictures from the other side of the street instead of intimidating people by sticking a camera right in their faces.

I'm not intimidating anyone, I told the cop. If people don't want their picture taken, I don't take them out of common courtesy.

At that, Mr. Radical Ponytail brightened up and ran off to tell his people to tell me not to take their picture. When I walked back over to the Code Pink demonstration, I faced a stony wall of disapproval where nobody wanted their photo taken. Being a gentleman, I honored my word.

But I won't let myself get trapped like that again. Lesson Learned: No dickering with Marxists. They don't negotiate in good faith. The approved solution is to brush them off. Let them pester the police with their nonsense instead of me.

The greater lesson learned here is that Code Pink is uncomfortable with free speech. They like it for themselves but they hate it for others and seek to suppress it by whatever means available. Apparently, they realize that even simple bloggers can do their demonstration harm by publicizing it. And, of course, that's perfectly true. That's exactly what I'm shooting for.

With Code Pink, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Even the Democrats are turned off by anti-war protests in front of military hospitals. It's an embarassment. Code Pink has lost its moral authority by taking its protest to the wounded. Every Friday night in front of Walter Reed, they dig their moral hole a little deeper.

The Communists won the Vietnam War on the American home front and made a point of thanking the American Left for helping them to victory. The Baathists and jihadis are not going to win Iraq on the American home front, not at the front gate of Walter Reed, not with the help of Code Pink, not as long as the Freepers contest their message.

I certainly don't want to see Saddam thanking Code Pink for helping to reestablish Baathism and its killing fields in Iraq nor Zarqawi thanking Code Pink in its bloody snuff videos for helping establish a Wahhabi theocracy in Baghdad. The Baathists, Al Qaeda, and Code Pink must be defeated. The struggle to defeat them goes on not only on the battlefields of Iraq but on the intellectual battlefields at home as well because the bitter lesson of Vietnam is that evil wins when good people do nothing to resist it.


Anonymous Andrew said...

Its always great to read something that brings me out of Leftist hate fatigue

Sun Sep 25, 10:55:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Zopa said...


A most excellent & informative read. Always nice to get a non-MSM-influenced take on you good right-coast folks.

Keep up the good work

Sun Sep 25, 11:48:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Jamie Hughes said...

I followed a link from "Right Thinking from the Left Coast" to here. A most informative read with great insights, photographs, and revelations. Thanks for the great work. Keep it up!

Mon Sep 26, 07:51:00 AM 2005  
Blogger FbL said...

Awesome! Very insightful and informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to attend, document, and reflect on what you saw.

Mon Sep 26, 11:06:00 AM 2005  
Blogger jamesAMDG said...

I'm glad that you noted it in your post because I've ben noticing it all over the place too, the lovely ladies are on our side. And if that doesn't show the blessings we receive, then I don't know what does.

Well I guess there is the, we don't wear weird pink outfits, and take showers...

Mon Sep 26, 03:44:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photography intimidating people? Well, that's not what the lefties said 33 years ago... Mr Ponytail must've missed all the protests -- oops, I mean demonstrations of solidarity with the working man -- back at the University of Texas in the early '70s when the UT Student-Shuttle Bus Driver strike happened. The replacement drivers had folks climb into the buses and snap photos of them when they stopped to pick up folks. And that was perfectly OkeyDokey for the lefties at the time. Complaints by the drivers (and passengers) were met with incredulity that someone would complain about innocent picture-taking. Even though the photogs, at times, also verbally abused the drivers. (UT in that era is also where I had my hand-made Bomb Hanoi peace-symbol-turned-into-B52 ripped from my backpack). Two tours in RVN (as a REMF), one tour in Saudi and Iraq (the '91 version).

Mon Sep 26, 06:06:00 PM 2005  
Blogger aidan maconachy said...

Great piece! Thumbs up from Canada - you have a lot of fans up here!

Mon Sep 26, 07:37:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous C130 Aunt said...

Great work!! Great writing!! Really smart and on top of the game. I appreciate you being out there and keeping all of us informed. What a great read. Nicely done blogspot too. Keep it up. You are well on your way!

Mon Sep 26, 09:36:00 PM 2005  
Blogger GunnNutt said...

Wonderful post, Tantor!

Tue Sep 27, 12:03:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous redc1c4 said...

where do i get a copy of the poster "How about rooting..."?

anyone know?
there's a regular friday night exhibition of stupidity down the street from my house crying out for it's presence.


Tue Sep 27, 03:05:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Will Franklin said...


Tue Sep 27, 11:17:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Peggy said...

What I really like is reading that the troops, coming back from an outing, gave "the finger" to the Pinkos! LOL.

My thanks to all the counter-demonstrators!

Wed Sep 28, 03:30:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Albion Wilde, said...

This is a brilliant summation of the overt and underlying messages of both sides. Thank you for spelling it out for the benefit of anyone (I'm not mentioning any names here, but they're Pink) whose learning curve about war, peace, economics and human motivation has been woefully slow. This must be because of the innate victim status of the left.

Last week, I actually heard all those white people on the Pinko side of the street singing "We Shall Overcome" into the faces of the mostly African-American neighbors standing on their front porches behind the FReeper lines. Somebody must have been forcing the Pinkos to drink at separate, unequal water fountains, or denying them service at restaurants, hotels and medical facilities. I would comment on their crass insensitivity, but it would be insensitive of me. What do I know? Those of us who support the Iraq mission and Iraqi people are stupid. We're supposed to want all the taxpayer money for ourselves, RIGHT NOW, to pay for luxuries while many Iraqis don't even have indoor plumbing. D'OH!

Thu Sep 29, 12:56:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous W04Man said...

Great Post. Wish my health were better and I could be there every week!

Thu Sep 29, 05:00:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous cf_river_rat said...

Code Pinkos held a banner that read "HALLIBURTON GUILTY OF RAPE AND PILLAGE" on the night you were there. That is not a fitting slogan at a vigil for wounded soldiers, in my opinion. For evidence, a picture of the banner is here:
I had to hold a spotlight in one hand and take this pic with the other, so the quality isn't great. You can read the banner, though.

Thu Sep 29, 06:19:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous bmwcyle said...

I have been to at least half of the Friday nights standing with the FreeRepublic. The piece shows more of what is going on around me that I don't even get a chance to see for maself. The parts about talking to others people living close and the feelings of the Code Pinkos on the otherside. We have seen press come through every night but no one has captured the complete story like this before. Even the giant NBC failed in its coverage.

Thu Sep 29, 06:42:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A really great writeup of the Friday night action at Walter Reed. I have to say that my experience there is that our side not only has the more attractive women.....but the counterprotesting women are also a lot sweeter, wittier, and just plain more fun!

redc1c4, you can get that poster at (

Thu Sep 29, 06:55:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous sauropod said...

I did run across one black woman who lived on our side of the street that was not happy with what was going on. She was being propagandized by a code Pinko broad and screamed at me not to take her picture.

When I walked up to them they were discussing how much they hated what we were doing.

Bottom Line: not everyone likes our position and y'all gotta watch your back. Don't trust somebody simply because they live across from Walter Reed.

I expect more opposition in the future.

Thu Sep 29, 07:33:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous JustaNobody said...

Thank you for being there Tantor. I hope you will continue to be a part of our weekly support for our wounded warriors.

Thu Sep 29, 08:04:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Apple Blossom said...

I have been standing with the FReepers at Walter Reed since about mid-June. This was very well reported and insightful. We don't always get to know what's going on across the street.

The key to the pictures is... if you can't take "no" for an answer, don't ask! The correct response for these people who don't want their picture taken is...Don't go to a public place!

Thu Sep 29, 08:43:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous JaX said...

I usually have quite a lot to say in response to an article like this because there are so many things to talk about that the average writer misses things. It's not very often that I finish reading and feel completely satisfied that all bases were covered.

My compliments.

Thu Sep 29, 09:25:00 AM 2005  
Blogger FbL said...

I can't figure out how to trackback, but I wanted to know that I linked to you in a recent post:

Fri Sep 30, 12:13:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Hired Goon said...

Code Pink, if you recall, was one of the groups involved in the World Tribunal on Iraq, whose final declaration stated that the Iraqi insurgency is "legitimate and justified", that it "deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom", and that suicide bombing was an "act of desperation provoked" by "the occupation and its brutality" (Overview, point 11). But of course, they love and support the troops wholeheartedly.

I've posted more on the WTI here.

Fri Sep 30, 12:33:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Ryan and Tracy said...

Other than my own, this is the greatest blog I have ever seen!!!

Thu Dec 15, 09:33:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Monica said...

Hi! I am a graduate student writing my thesis on the deployment experience of military spouses with a focus on the impact of anti-war demonstrations on military families. I have been looking at the Code Pink demonstrations at the Walter Reed Medical Center as I find these to be very disconcerting. I've heard that that Code Pink demonstrators have displayed signs reading, “Maimed for a Lie," “Impeach George Bush,” “Enlist Here and Die for Halliburton,” in addition to displaying mock caskets, hanging black wreaths on the fence, and chanting “George Bush Kills American Soldiers.” However, I have been unable to find any photo evidence to support these claims (other than a CNS video which shows one person holding a "maimed for a lie" sign - deplorable but one person with one sign doesn't support the claim that the majority of Code Pink demonstrators have been doing this) I wanted to include this information in my thesis as an example of protest methods that are inappropriate as they disrespect service members and negatively impact military families but will be unable to do so if I can not find additional sources to cite. When you were at Walter Reed taking pictures of Code Pink’s demonstrations, did you get any photos of these signs? I would really appreciate any assistance that you are able to offer. Thanks!


Monica Henry

Tue May 30, 12:51:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Monica said...

Sorry! Forgot to include my email:

Tue May 30, 12:53:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for your excellent reporting....

It's amazing how this stuff just gets let go. Like your close scrutiny and reporting of falaticous material that is suppose to sway unknowing conservative readers into exclaiming extreme positions on issues that can then be used to opposite supporter to support thier positions in the press and internet. Absolutely brilliant.


Sun Jun 03, 11:06:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Don't agree with everything you say concerning the severity of Code Pink. I am a moderate who tends to lean towards the Democratic side, but I just think Code Pink are a bunch of morons who don't know how to argue with analytical and pertinent points; But we'll see...I work for the DOJ and will be attending today's farewell ceremony...I could be agreeing with you sooner than I thought. Keep up the good reporting.

Fri Sep 14, 11:13:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Tantor said...


Last April 20, Gael Murphy of Code Pink came to the Friday night protest at Walter Reed Army Medical Center along with a film crew from French-Canadian TV 3 out of Quebec. Murphy walked up with her posse to the gates of Walter Reed where the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic was making their pro-troops, pro-USA demonstration so she could get some footage of her confronting the Freepers. During that confrontation, she called our troops terrorists. You can watch it here on YouTube at about the 3:20 point.

Anonymous, do you stand with the Code Pink people who go to the gates of Walter Reed to call the wounded troops there terrorists? Do you find that extreme?

Code Pink are not just morons, Anonymous, but traitors, too.

Fri Sep 14, 04:29:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Mon Jan 19, 08:59:00 PM 2009  
Blogger sexy said...


Tue Mar 10, 07:10:00 AM 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why aren't these communist bitches at home taking care of their kids, instead they are out terrorzing people. What a dirty bunch of losers. Go live in china if you want to be commies so bad, take a slow leaky boat your morons

Wed Sep 28, 05:06:00 PM 2011  

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