Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Code Pink Update: Walter Reed Antiwar Protest

Code Pink has been demonstrating in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center for months now, where seriously wounded soldiers from Iraq are brought back for treatment. That protest has been opposed by counter-protestors, many from Free Republic, who find Code Pink's choice of venue disrespectful to our troops.

Code Pink, in frustration at being opposed and enraged at their own protest tactics being turned against themselves, has begun resorting to dirty tricks. Now, when the Code Pinkers slink off in defeat at 9 PM on Friday nights, they call the police to complain about the counter-protestors. Code Pink has also been passing out flyers in the neighborhood in advance of their protests to urge people to call the police on the counter-protestors.

It sounds like the Freeper counter-protestors, doing the work of the angels, are getting under the skin of the Code Pink anti-war protestors, who have little taste for free speech from anybody but themselves. Like lefties everywhere, they want no debate but rather seek to suppress dissenting views by any means necessary.

Rock on, Freepers! Keep the pressure on.


Blogger Ingrid said...

Dear Tantor, I thought of you when I saw this post at a British blog called Harry's Place -

it says the DC demo is live on CSPAN: If you want to know the latest memes and tropes of the major US "antiwar" coalitions, you can watch the speakers at the ANSWER/United for Peace and Justice demonstration in Washington, live on CSPAN.

Sat Sep 24, 04:31:00 PM 2005  

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