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Riot Of The Racaille In The Gare Du Nord

It all started around 4:30 PM on Tuesday, March 27th, when a guy jumped the turnstiles to beat the fare at the Gare du Nord, one of six main train stations in Paris. The police arrested him, the crowd objected to the arrest, and an eight hour riot ensued, as illustrated by these photos by Hugo.

The narrative offered by the liberal media was that the police brutality was to blame and the riot a just reaction to such outrage on a poor kid. The media referred to the rioters as "youths," the euphemism for immigrant Muslims. Back in the old days when the liberals held a monopoly on the means of communication, it might have worked. However, nowadays everybody has a phone camera and a blog. The truth can not be bottled up.

The Gare du Nord is used by the law-abiding working citizens of Paris to commute to work and travel about the city. However, it is also a hangout for young punks and petty criminals, the kind of people that Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy calls racaille, French for "contemptible population" or "rabble." Some say "scum."

Nidra Poller, Paris editor of Pajamas Media, lays out the real deal in her article, "Eternal Youth: Punk Jihad Riots at Gare du Nord":

"The “kid” is one Angelo H. He is, it turns out, 32 years old, an illegal Congolese immigrant, and subject to a deportation order 1993. The “kid” has been in trouble since he came to France at the age of ten—twenty-two registered condemnations for violent incidents and many that went unreported.

The cops initially went to arrest a little cheater and found they had bagged a hardened criminal. Instead of paying for a ticket like millions of law-abiding passengers Angelo H. jumped the turnstile and was, exceptionally, arrested. In a matter of seconds he had head-butted—or slapped—one of the RATP agents. When the agents wrestled him to the ground, Angelo screamed bloody murder, a small crowd gathered in protest against the agents’ brutality. And the call to battle rang out."

The same tactic is used by Lebanese Muslims in Australia. When one of their number is confronted, he pages his crew to come help. Quickly, thirty Muslim gang-bangers show up to intimidate or beat up anyone who gets in a disagreement with their community. Even the police stopping Muslims for traffic violations are confronted with a crew of angry Muslims and driven off. The flash mob tactic is successful.

"Almost instantly Angelo became a thirteen year-old boy whose arms were fractured by the cruel agents (shades of Mohamed al Dura). Then a pregnant woman was added to the list of victims of police brutality. All that was missing was 'the infidels set fire to the mosque.'

Police reinforcements arrived, tried in vain to calm the situation, resorted to the use of tear gas. The crowd swelled to an estimated three to four hundred, battled the police until 1:30 AM (the incident began at 4:30 PM) when calm was restored.

For how long? Anyone who has visited Paris and hurried down the endless corridors of, for example, Châtelet metro & RER station & banlieu hangout, can imagine future battles in this ongoing punk jihad. The clash of civilizations that Europe does not want to recognize is rolling into Paris on the metro rails. ...

Against the Giuliani principle, represented in a mild French version by Nicolas Sarkozy, stands the jihad-intifada strategy: I disrespect your laws, defy your authority, attack you frontally and if you dare lift a hand against me I scream 'victim' and call in my troops."

Poller ties the riot of the Gare Du Nord to the larger jihad:

"The Gare du Nord vandals, the Iranian hostage takers, the killer shahids, the beheaders, the mass murder masterminds, the ultimatum peace planners, and the fellow traveling anti-warriors are attacking us on all sides with whatever weapons they can grab, combined and reinforced by the lethal narrative of their victimhood—crusades, colonisation, neocolonialism, discrimination, humiliation, occupation—and our guilt."
Nicolas Sarkozy, now running for president on a right-wing program, was not intimidated by the rioting racaille, saying afterwards: "They shouted my name at the Gare du Nord? That’s fine with me! They are not my friends, and I am not their friend. I am not on their side." Unfortunately, the French candidates who are most likely to win side with the racaille and so hasten the fall of France to Muslim domination.

The conquest of France by Islam now seems inevitable through immigration and hyper-reproduction by Muslims and will likely be completed with a Muslim majority within a couple generations. The riot in the Gare du Nord may well foreshadow what's in store for America. The flying imams of the Minneapolis airport may be the vanguard of the domestic jihad to come, one in which political correctness is used to neutralize our defense.


Blogger Mr Bob said...

Well said. I don't forsee the same thing happening here, because at least half the people in the country have a working brain and the same cannot be said for France but your warning should be taken to heart regardless.

Mon Apr 16, 03:57:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope u get shoot ashole!

Mon May 14, 08:07:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Tantor said...

Yes, the Muslims are quick to curse the infidels and make threats, aren't they? That's why they have such a hard time adapting to civilization.

Mon May 14, 08:42:00 AM 2007  
Blogger montecristo said...

This week, July 29th 2007, the French Police shot a Muslim in the Gare Du Nord, an Algerian. It's covered minimally in France, but not at all in England. It's impossible to find in a Google search. No doubt another jihadist, the news just shuts up about it now, to make it seem like jihadism isn't on the minds of every Muslim.

Sun Jul 29, 01:31:00 PM 2007  
Blogger montecristo said...

Just found a link for it.
French Police shoot Muslim in Gare Du Nord

Sun Jul 29, 01:34:00 PM 2007  

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