Monday, March 26, 2007

Never Forget Daddy Loves You

Army Major Michael L. Mundell of Brandenburg, Kentucky was serving in Fallujah, Iraq in the 1st Brigade, 108th Division when he wrote a letter home to his 17-year-old daughter, Erica or "Eddie," on Friday, October 7, 2006:

"This war is not like the big war—there are no big sweeping maneuvers with hundreds of tanks pouring over the border and so forth. ... It's a fight of 10 man squads in the dark, of ambushes and snipers and IEDs. When I go out to fight, it's usually with less than 20 men ... And I go out to fight almost every day.

We are weary, Eddie, so very weary. I can't tell you how bone tired I am. There are times when we get back in and ... it is all I can do to drag myself from the truck and stagger up here to take off all the junk I gotta wear ... Tell all of your friends and your teachers that I said hello from Fallujah. I am doing well and our battalion is considered the best in the brigade. We are fighting the enemy and hopefully winning, though that is difficult to measure. ... Never forget that your daddy loves you more than anything and that I will be home soon."

Major Mundell was killed by an IED while on patrol in Fallujah at 1:45 PM Friday, January 5, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Audrey Cundiff Mundell, and four children, Erica Lynne, Ryan Daniel Andrew, Zachary Lewis and Thomas Dale Mundell.

More letters from our soldiers killed in action are featured in this Newsweek article, if you can stand it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel so sorry 4 u dale it must be hard tring to forget someone like that im sorry u had to go threw that in life i bet it was an awful feeling even though i dont no u i hope u get threw your hard times but just remember god and your family is there 4 u

Sat May 19, 08:54:00 PM 2007  
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