Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Read Deal On Iraq

The excellent Michael Yon, back in Afghanistan, posts on what's really happenning in Iraq, debunking myths along the way. He calls it a civil war, but one that's been in progress for decades before we arrived. He thinks the media have not reported well on Iraq. He thinks the truth about Iraq has been a casualty. He's anti-war but thinks the war is necessary and can be won. Says Yon:

"These people, whether we call them freedom fighters, insurgents, thugs, or terrorists, have a stated mission to attack anyone who is not like them, wherever they can. They are not bluffing. They cannot be appeased. They will not stop if and when we leave, if we leave without completing the mission. If we leave, all vestiges of progress will be lost and those Iraqis who risked their lives to work with us to gain that progress will no longer trust Americans. If we run, the enemy will follow us. They will kill us. They will not stop until we stop them. I might be anti-war, but I am much more anti-terrorist."


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