Sunday, April 09, 2006

London Tube Bombers Flew Solo

A post mortem of the July 7, 2005 suicide attacks in the London Tube will declare that the four perpetrators had no significant connection with Al Qaeda. The plot was launched independently by the four, led by Mohammed Siddique Khan. All four of the murderers met Pakistani radicals, but evidently received no logistical support from them, only ideological support. They built their bombs themselves based on research done on the Internet. There was no Al Qaeda bomb expert who built the bombs for them, as previously suspected. Apparently, the murderers were driven by a perception of anti-Muslim bias in British foreign policy and a promise of immortality by their contemptible religion if they slaughtered infidels.

So the good news is that Al Qaeda's reach is overstated. The bad news is that terrorists arise spontaneously from any Muslim population.


Blogger GoonDesert3061 said...

Actually, this is one of the greater dangers of Al Qaeda.

It allows itself to be used as a framwork for "like minded others" to strike on their own. IIRC, a part of the terrorisim in Iraq at the start was done this way. Al Qaeda then "formaly" recognized some of the Iraqie terrorests and started to materally support them as a 'recongnized' branch.

Basicly the same thing has happened in Chechna and the Phillipiens even though they started out as individual, localized terrorest movements.

This is, on the whole and in the 'Big Picture', what is called a Bad Thing.

Mon Apr 10, 11:06:00 AM 2006  

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