Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Obama Means By Change

Little Green Footballs notes that Obama's campaign office in Houston featured a Cuban flag with Che Guevara's face plastered on it, in this local Fox 26 television interview. In fact, one wasn't enough, there were two. LGF quite reasonably wonders why Obama won't wear a US flag pin on his lapel but his supporters have no reluctance to feature Che's face in Obama's campaign office.
For those who are unfamiliar with Che, he was the architect of Cuba's gulag and secret police, the one who wrote home to his dad after his first execution to tell him he REALLY liked killing people, the guy who went on to kill 1892 people. Che was the one who dispensed with evidence and trials, saying they were obsolete bourgeois artifacts, that people should be executed based on revolutionary necessity, that the people would only learn when taught with the pedagogy of the firing squad. It was Che, the psycho serial killer, who had the doomed tapped for blood donations on the way to their executions, that blood sold for a profit. It was Che who planned to plant incendiary bombs in all the major department stores in New York City on the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, a plot that was mercifully discovered and stopped. And he's a hero to the Obama crowd.
Obama has been awfully sketchy about the particular changes he has planned to make America better. Is Che his model? When the flag in the Houston office was brought to Obama's attention, he casually dismissed it as "inappropriate," but didn't ask that it be taken down. This is the same Obama who castigated his fellow senators who wore flag pins as "hypocrites." Cuban/Che flag good. American flag bad.
The Babalu Blog notes:
"Let's see. Castro endorses a Clinton/Obama ticket. Obama has Greg Craig, castro's attorney during the Elian episode, as a senior policy
advisor. He was for lifting the embargo before he was against it. And now his campaign workers put up a picture of Che Guevara that's 3 times as big as Obama's own poster in his campaign office. And a self-respecting Cuban would vote for this guy, why?"
The crazed moonbat Che/Obama lover who hung the Cuban flag appears to be Maria Isabel, a property rights activist who has been engaged in a fight with city hall over her plans to build a McMansion on her plot in the Sixth Ward of Houston. She's quoted in a TV interview as saying, "It’s wrong to try to implement restrictions in my private property. I own this piece of land. This is America. I should be able to do anything I want with it." Well, that's true enough, but an odd thing for somebody to say who flies the flag of communist Cuba, where you have no property rights, or rights of any kind.
Now, the odds are this nutty woman doesn't know who Che is any more than she knows who Obama is. She's probably got scrambled eggs for brains. But both Obama and Che appeal to her for emotional reasons, which is to say her support is irrational. There is no denying that Obama has a powerful appeal for the stupid. It is a terrible spectacle to see the Stupid energized and in motion, bound for a Stupid destination with Stupid intentions.

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Excellent picture! Worth 1,000 words. Obama= communist disguised as an American.

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