Monday, February 04, 2008

Thank Allah The Americans Have Him

Michael Yon in "Sons of Iraq" reports how peace has broken out in Mulhallah 838 & 840, neighborhoods in south Baghdad. While back in the States the loony lefties in orange jumpsuits smarmily decry fictional American abuse of prisoners in Gitmo et al, the Iraqis are more closely in touch with reality:

"Numerous times I have seen Iraqis come up to American commanders asking about a family member or friend who was detained. When they learn that Americans have detained the person, they are relieved. But if they find he is in Iraqi government custody, there is dread and despair.

"Colonel Gibbs told the story of an Iraqi man who turned in his own two sons to Gibbs’ Fourth Brigade, First Infantry Division. The man said he knew if the sons were guilty they would be held, but if innocent would be released. Following an investigation they kept one son and released the other. Smart father.

"It’s better to be in an American detention facility than have Special Forces blasting down your door. After all, Gibbs’ brigade has suffered 89 Killed in Action (KIA), and over 700 wounded. This war is for keeps."

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