Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Bad Day At The Jihad

Here's a jihadi getting his jihad on, mortaring the infidels. Unfortunately, Allah was not akbar this time around. Better luck with those 72 virgins in paradise, Mohammed!


Blogger American Interests said...

Well, he went off with a bang, did he not. Good post and a great link!

Wed Aug 22, 05:49:00 AM 2007  
Anonymous GregMan said...

Has the NYT posted his obituary yet? If not, I can help them get started:

"The proud, handsome member of the Religion Of Peace was killed today by the Bush/Cheney/Halliburton war machine while defending his country, fighting global warming, and helping puppy dogs and ponies the world over."

Thu Oct 25, 11:49:00 AM 2007  

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