Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar

Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar, 23, is a college student in Baghdad who is afraid to go out socially because it's just too damned dangerous. So he went to the local Internet cafe instead. It turned out badly. Says Ibraheem:
"Someone was sitting near me at the internet cafe and probably was an extremist spy. He saw when I was watching some erotic movies and when I left the place I was immediately taken in a car with three men."
They took him to a house outside Baghdad.
"They told me to take off all my clothes and handcuffed me. They started to beat me and use cigarettes to burn my legs."
They beat Ibraheem with an iron bar and with a belt. They made him drink chicken blood. They made him drink his own urine.

"I was desperate and was shouting asking why they were doing that with me and after three hours of continuous torture they told me that it was because I was watching non-Muslim sites on the internet."
They tortured Ibraheem for six days of torture, then released him near his house. They warned him if he watched another dirty movie on the Internet they'd kill him. Seek salvation at your mosque, they said.

Ibraheem got off easy. Fatah Ahmed, spokeman for the Iraqi Aid Association (IAA), said:
"We have received information from many sources that militants are operating spies inside internet cafes just to find out who is browsing sites they have deemed offensive to Islam. ... It is very serious because in an Islamic country in which violence is spreading on daily basis, people search for some entertainment and it is found today only on the internet. ... There are no places to go so young people are making friends via chatrooms which are now also being condemned by Islamic extremists."
Dozens of Iraqis have been kidnapped and killed by Islamic radicals who spotted them surfing porno on the web at Internet cafes. Spies inside the cafes spot them for the kidnappers who grab them when they leave.
The Muslim fanatics have gone after the Internet cafe owners, too, for allowing their customers access to porno. Fadhel Ibraheem and Youssef Ala'a were kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded last February for allowing their customers to browse porno sites in their Internet cafe on Palestine Street in Baghdad. Of course, something as innocent as a Victoria's Secret catalogue is pornography to Muslim radicals and deserving of death.
You won't see this in the New York Times because it makes the insurgents look bad, not our troops nor President Bush. Yet, it is revealing to find more criticism in Al Jazeera of insurgents attacking freedom of speech in Iraq than you will ever find in the liberal American media.


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