Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mohammed's Three Stages Of Conquest

The Barnabus Fund explains the Hamas takeover over of Gaza as a mature expression of the Prophet Muhammad’s migration model of conquest:
"This is a staged programme that seeks to establish an Islamic state under shari‘a modelled on Muhammad’s practice. Islamists are out to capture the state in stages following Muhammad’s paradigm of first setting up an alternative Islamic society which when strong enough will take over full control of the state and its centres of power. The methods are dictated by the stage in which the movement finds itself: in the first stage of weakness it focuses on peaceful mission work recruiting individuals to its ranks. In the second stage of consolidation it organises its infrastructure, builds up its armed forces and engages in dissimulation such as the acceptance of the democratic process in order to strengthen its position. Finally in the stage of strength, when it deems the right time has come and it is strong enough, it uses violence with no holds barred to take over the state and initiate a jihadi campaign to expand its sphere of dominion."
The Barnabus Fund makes the argument that the Islamist assault on the West progresses according to the same model, but has not advanced as far:
"For those with eyes to see, similar processes are underway among the Muslim communities in Western states, including Britain, as Islamists build up a vast infrastructure of organisations and institutions while presenting themselves as liberal and democratic. There can be no doubt that their final goal, according to their published dogmas, remains an Islamic state under shari‘a. The tactics will differ and change, but the goal remains the same and the method of attaining it in well defined stages will continue to be used. Most Islamists in the West reckon they have moved past the first stage into the second, that of building up and strengthening their infrastructure while using deception to enter the democratic process so as to gain new positions of power. Once they judge they are strong enough, they will move into the third stage of power when violence will be used, if necessary, to gain total control of state and society."
Measured against this model, America is transitioning from Stage 1 to Stage 2. Saudi Arabia has used its alliance with the US to send thousands of Wahhabi-trained imams to radicalize the majority of mosques here. Likewise, Saudi Wahhabis have gained a monopoly over the Muslim chaplains in the prison system, where they recruit criminals to radical Islam. The Saudis and their allies fund CAIR, which seeks to subvert the political and legal system in America to advance radical Islam. Step by step, the radical Muslims seek to establish a beachhead in America for the coming conquest by Islam.

Now, that's never gonna happen. America is never going to turn Muslim. The radicals have vastly overestimated their prospects and vastly underestimated America. However, billions of bucks and buckets of blood will be spent to repel the radical Muslim invaders and disabuse them of their insane ambition.


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