Friday, May 23, 2008

Why They're Losing

It was another bad day in the jihad for the Unknown Insurgent, who was out skulking in the middle of the night, planting an IED to kill the infidel Americans or anybody else he didn't like or who just happenned to pass by. Kill them all and let Allah sort them out later in paradise, he probably thought.

Unfortunately for him, the Yankee infidels live in the sky and can see in the night and have giant guns with lots of ammo. You can watch his Dead Tango Dance here. Dance, jihadi, dance! You went out to be a killer and came back killed. The good news is that death works for you, you think you go straight to paradise, and collect your 72 virgins. Of course, to enjoy them, you'll need your johnson which I'm pretty sure got shot off. Good luck finding that. Say hello to Allah for us and to all those thousands of other dead tangoes. Make room for more.


Blogger DANEgerus said...

Hard linked ya and blogrolled ya'

Your kickin' ass, how you keep it up.

Sat May 24, 08:34:00 PM 2008  

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