Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Zombie of Zombietime, the indefatigable photoblogger of the Bay Area on the Left Coast, documented how the lefty loons of San Francisco celebrated the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. I filched these photos to tease you to go to Zombie's site, where so much more awaits you.

In a weird way this is so true. The protestors are in fact tacit allies of the jihadis, ignoring their atrocities while always condemning America, making them the political arm of the the Baathists and jihadis in Iraq.

An Obama supporter who favors his pastor's sentiments toward the USA, and the sentiments of the loony left.

Zombie makes the point that anti-war rallies are organized and populated by no-kidding Communists, believe it or not. Zombie's experience in San Francisco is the same as the protest experience I've witnessed in Washington, DC. Maybe you thought commies went extinct and you'd be wrong. There are still knuckleheads who believe this crazy commie crap and want to give it another try. If you think they're crazy, you'd be right. The demonstrations are part of their attempt to batter America as a preliminary for their revolution. It's nuts of course, but there it is.

Truthers infest all anti-war demonstrations because paranoid conspiracy nuts cling together like dirty little dust bunnies.

Fortunately, there were counter-protestors to inject sanity into the situation. In a demonstration of how much they value free speech, the moonbats drove the counter-protestors away. The thing protestors hate most is being protested. They brook no dissent.

Don't miss Zombie's Hall of Shame, the worst of the worst protest images ever. Would you want to stand with these people?


Anonymous Margo said...

Is it just me or are the conservative protestors better looking?

Mon Mar 31, 09:35:00 PM 2008  

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