Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain Does Streisand

Enough of the boring debates. What we need is more presidential candidates singing. Here's John McCain covering some of Streisand's most popular tunes. If you thought he was heroic at the Hanoi Hilton, wait until you see him heroically struggling through "Feelings." Watch it here. Then watch McCain's advocacy of senescence here. Finally, McCain cautions the Democrats against haste in picking a presidential candidate here.

You can't survive commie torture without a sense of humor, like McCain. By contrast, you can't get along with commies if you have one, which may explain why Obama is so humorless. When your pastor is damning America and your dinner companions tell you they haven't maimed enough people with bombs, it's hard to respond to that with a good joke. You have to buy in or excuse yourself and leave. And Obama didn't leave. He stayed for coffee and dessert.



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