Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jihadis Find The Enemy And It Is Them

The insurgents were trying to make a video of their brilliant attack on the American infidels in Baghdad which may have even worked if they weren't so crazy stupid. Attacking the Yankee infidel soldiers should be easy: Just point your weapon at the infidel and shoot. Alas, one insurgent found that too hard to do when he tried to shoot his RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) down an alley at a US military Humvee. He hit the wall to the right instead, killing some of his pals. Fortunately for our side, he survived to shoot again, hopefully with bigger and more powerful weapons in a new terror cell heretofore unscathed.
This is the kind of incompetence which makes me wonder if letting the Muslims have atom bombs would really be so bad. It looks like we could just let them get busy with the bombs, maybe even feed them some uranium, and let nature take its course.
The survivors of this particular insurgent cell did not fare well. This embarassing video eventually fell into the hands of an Iraqi interpreter for the Marines, which you can watch here. My Arabic is kind of shaky but my translation of the remarks after the detonation are, "HOLY SHIT!" Note that even the insurgents laugh at how stupid their shooter was. The ones who lived, I mean.
These jihadi blooper reels keep rolling in, faster and faster, wilder and woolier. One can't help but notice that the insurgents really aren't very good at their jobs. In fact, they suck. They're far more dangerous to themselves and their fellow jihadis than they are to us.
From that foundation of fact, it follows that the insurgents who can't fight without shooting themselves in the foot can't form a functional government that works, which is harder and more complex work. The best they can do is form crews from their neighborhood to make a half-assed mafia. A mafia works well against an unarmed, undefended, and terrorized civilian populace but it is no match for a well-armed army determined to smash it. In fact, an insurgent mafia is no match for its own jackasses toting RPGs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Their so funny... their stupidity reminds me of the stupidity of American soldiers and their infamous "friendly" fire!

Good one stevie ;)

Sun Jun 08, 07:12:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is amazing that these terrorist bunch have killed around 4000 American soldiers.

what is also amazing is that Americans don't seem to celebrate their dead soldiers. The soldiers are basically treated as expendable pieces of military equipment! When they expire their forgotten!

Sun Jun 08, 07:21:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Tantor said...


The Taliban have not killed 4000 American soldiers. The number of KIA in Iraq is 4094, not Afghanistan. We've suffered 517 deaths in Afghanistan.

Just as you are mistaken about the numbers, you are mistaken about the honor rendered US dead, of which you are apparently ignorant.

Mon Jun 09, 01:12:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tantor, the piece was about the insurgents in Iraq not the taliban. Maybe you need to brush up on your reading skills..

read more stuff around the internets to help you in that field of weakness.. oh and books are good practice maybe a bit heavy in the beginning but it will pay off and then mummy will be proud of you :)

oh yes and I am ignorant about the honor rendered to dead US troops as it seems that it only happens in the homes of their families and friends and never in public or TV.

Mon Jun 09, 12:05:00 PM 2008  
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