Friday, September 14, 2007

"The Troops Are The Terrorists!"

Gael Murphy of Code Pink made a visit last April 20th to the weekly protest Code Pink started every Friday night at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here in Washington, DC. It's been going on for over two years now, counter-protested by the DC Chapter of Free Republic, the Freepers. Murphy brought along a film crew from French-Canadian TV 3 of Quebec doing a story on Code Pink. She and her posse walked up to confront the Freeper counter-protestors at the gates of Walter Reed to get some fun footage for the anti-American Canucks of Quebec.

That's when a Code Pink pal of Gael Murphy stepped to the front to call our troops the terrorists in Iraq. You can watch her do it at about 3:20 on the Freeper video. And that's when the Code Pink hit the fan.

This is the same Code Pink which sports signs saying they support the troops. The radical Left has learned from Vietnam that openly disparaging our troops does not sell well to the American public so this time around they've adopted a pose of "loving the troops, hating the war." Every now and then, the mask slips and they reveal their true face of hatred for the military. They hate the troops and love the war as long as American loses.

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