Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here are their kids, learning to protest America and Israel and transnational corporations and all those things that cause war, chanting their new chant:

"Long Live Hezbollah!"
"Long Live Nasrallah!"

Cute, huh?

The same day this demonstration marched in Washington, DC there were sibling demonstrations, organized by ANSWER, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They were coordinated with pro-Hezbollah demonstrations on the same day in Toronto, Madrid, Mombasa, Dhaka, Jakarta, Karachi, and Damascus, among other cities. That's quite an extensive network of coordination, wouldn't you say?

The war was about to come to an end while the marchers marched. The Israelis had fought for a month without achieving their goal of extirpating Hezbollah from Lebanon. Part of the problem was deficient intelligence about the Hezbollah order of battle, largely due to the excellent operational security practiced by Hezbollah. They didn't know the location of Hezbollah's bunkers nor their inventory of weapons. That meant that a lot of Merkava tanks and their crews were taken out by Sagger anti-tank missiles from carefully planned ambushes. Also the Israelis weren't serious about the war, dragging their feet to commit their reserves to the fight. If they were serious about winning this war, they should have gone in big from the beginning and got the job done.

Meanwhile, the UN approved Resolution 1701 to bring a halt to the hostilities, forcing Israel to pull out of southern Lebanon, and the deployment of 15,000 UN peacekeepers as a barrier between the combatants. Resolution 1701 calls for "the immediate cessation by Hizbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations...." The chances of Hezbollah ceasing its attacks on Israel are zero. The cease fire allows Hezbollah to reconstitute itself to continue its war on Israel. It's just a hudna for Hezbollah. The road to war is paved with UN peace resolutions.

It's a phony peace soon to be broken by Hezbollah terrorists firing their remaining ten thousand Katyushas at Israel over the heads of the UN peacekeepers. The whole war will have to be fought over again in the future because a UN peace resolution is no substitute for victory.


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