Sunday, April 23, 2006

Iran Prepares To Strike America

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with notorious Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mugniyeh last January during a state visit to Syria to make arrangements for terror attacks on America should it take out Iran's nuclear bombmaking sites, according to intelligence sources.

Mugniyeh is a particularly nasty piece of work whose bloody handwork has landed him a spot on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. He bombed the US embassy in Beirut in 1983 with the loss of 63 lives, bombed the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 with the loss of 241 lives, among numerous bombings, skyjackings, and kidnappings. Next to Osama Bin Laden, Mugniyeh has killed the most Americans of any terrorist.

Former CIA official, Robert Baer, describes Mugniyeh as "the most dangerous terrorist we have ever faced. Mugniyeh is probably the most intelligent, most capable operative we have ever run across, including the KGB or anyone else."

Mugniyeh has also been meeting regularly with the Iranian Intelligence Minister, Ghkolamhossein Mohseni Ezhei. Ahmadinejad also met with the leaders of terrorist groups that Iran sponsors: Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas.

What this means is that terrorist attacks on Americans overseas and at home could follow close on the heels of an American strike on Iran a year from now.


Blogger Tom said...

Indeed there would be many repercussions to air strikes on Iran. You've illustrated one of them.

The big question is this: It is acceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons?

If the answer is no, then it doesn't matter what the repercussions would be. This is so because to object to strikes on the basis of "they would do ___" is to say that there is something worse than a nuclear armed Iran, and thus it is acceptable for them to have such weapons.

I am not at all advoctating immediate or even near-term air strikes. Not at all. They must be a last resort. We've a long ways to go before we get to that point. But it would be foolish to take them off the table.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson said it best:

"Never take council of your fears"

The key word is not "fear", for the dangers are real. Jackson knew more than most the dangers of war, both on the strategic and tactical levels. The key word is "council", and the point is that we should not let our genuine fears paralyze our thinking.

Tue Apr 25, 07:33:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Tantor said...

Well, Tom, I don't relish riding the subway train to work in DC with Iranian suicide bombers but it's better than being nuked by the Iranians at the office. I've got a chance on the train.

Tue Apr 25, 09:15:00 AM 2006  

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