Sunday, August 21, 2005

Put America First

The International Freedom Center (IFC) wants to build a museum at the site of the former World Trade Center where 2,749 people were murdered en masse by radical Muslims. The IFC has drawn on the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience for advice about how the museum should interpret the atrocity. Their advice is: "Don't put America first."

They also worry about what religious Muslims would think if the museum was to portray the Sep 11 attack as a criticism of Islam. They claim that people in Bangladesh feel America has violated their human rights. They think the museum may suffer from telling the September 11 story from an American point of view.

There's more. If the US builds a new tower to replace the destroyed World Trade Center, then "the U.S. reasserts its power in an arrogant way. Does this mean the U.S. will not only build the biggest building, but also define freedom for the world?"

That's right, lefty pinheads, America needs to define freedom for the world because, so far, nobody else is much interested in spreading freedom around the world. Certainly not the Wahhabi fanatics who knocked down the World Trade Center. It won't get done without us.

And when we build a museum over a mass grave of Americans murdered by Muslim crazies, we do indeed need to put America first.


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