Thursday, January 15, 2009

Male Bashing

The late Michael Crichton on the war between the sexes in "Men's Hearts":

Fault-finding through male stereotyping has some unpleasant aspects that should be mentioned. The first is this: if you can adopt the position that you're inherently skilled in some aspect of relationship say, intimacy and the other person is inherently deficient, then you have an unbeatable position of power. The other person is always on the defensive. He will always have his hands full trying to prove he isn't the way you say he is. This is a control dynamic.

The second is this: if both men and women have trouble expressing real intimacy, then both men and women experience tension in this area. A convenient way to get rid of that tension is to blame it on the other person. Everything would be fine if he'd just talk, or listen, or make a commitment. This is a scapegoat dynamic.

The third is this: if you treat another person as a stereotype, he will feel it, and sooner or later he will pay you back. This is a revenge dynamic.

The fourth is this: if you treat another person as a stereotype, you will miss a great deal of delight and richness in your association with him. This is a tragic dynamic.


Anonymous Mary said...

As a woman, it shames me to see women bash men. These are angry women who either had a bad relationship in which they ignore their own contribution that soured the relationship or they are lesbian. It is even more shameful to see the repeated act of kicking or hitting men in their private zone as something funny. It is displayed so often in today's films that today's children think it is funny and acceptable. I wonder how many young boys will be sterile later in life because of this stupid and cruel behavior.
As a woman, I am glad to have my husband who enriches my life and together we share the beauty of the world along with life's ups and downs. Is every day perfect? No...but I'm not either. I also thank God that I would never be bitter enough to state that I don't need a man. Those women are whack and are not very pleasant to be around.

Sun Apr 19, 09:38:00 AM 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in that bastion of (mostly white malesness) - the brokerage industry. I love white males. I love office jokes. I need these men. They are responsible, good fathers, civic leaders and have always trickled down part of their income to me.

Wed May 06, 08:11:00 AM 2009  

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