Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bring Me My 72 Virgins!

Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, the Smiling Assassin held on death row in Indonesia for the bombings in Bali which killed 202 people and wounded 209, spoke to reporters about the Australian prime minister's criticism of Indonesia's slowness to carry out the executions of the Muslim bombers:
"I'm very happy, especially after hearing that John Howard is very angry with us. The more he is angry, the more I will get rewards from God, right? The more I make infidels angry, the more I will get my reward, so I'm more relaxed."
Prime Minister John Howard complained about soft treatment of the Muslim terrorists who slaughtered eighty-eight young Australians on vacation in Bali after Indonesia considered cutting the prison terms of ten Muslim terrorists involved in that bombing in Bali and another one. Australians were outraged when Indonesia's anti-terror chief invited "reformed" Muslim terrorists from prison to a party at his home last month.

Amrozi, his older brother Ali Ghufron, and Imam Samudra are all being held in Batu Prison in Java for the mass murder. They refuse to ask for a pardon and are eager to be executed. Samudra says,
"We apologise for the victims, but only the Muslims. The infidels will go to hell anyway. ... Absolutely, we are not afraid. With execution we will go to heaven, and our wish to see God and the angels is far higher than the wish of the infidels for our death. ... Why would we be scared of death? Even now we are not scared to be executed. (US President George W) Bush and his allies, you all will go to hell but me and all my friends in the world will go to heaven."

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