Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Washington Equals Tel Aviv"

Or in the parlance of the Islamists, the Great Satan and the Little Satan are the same.

Dr. Esam Omesh, President of the Muslim American Society, took the microphone to demand the US end its "mass military aid" to Israel. Oddly enough, he did not demand Iran end its mass military aid to Hezbollah. He was furious about Bush's condemnation of the British Muslims recently caught attempting to bomb airliners inflight as a reminder that we are still "at war with Islamic fascists." Omesh roared with rage, "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMIC FASCISM!" The crowd roared back, "ALLAH AKBAR!"

If I had a bullshit flag, I would have thrown it right there and blown the bullshit whistle to boot. The Islamists who form a violent portion of Muslims, who want to conquer the world with terror to establish the Caliphate, a worldwide Islamic empire where Muslims rule and non-Muslims have no rights, smell like fascists to me.

The strong objection of Muslims to this term spring from two sources, in my opinion. The first is loss of face. The cultural aversion to losing face is so strong that Muslims will object to anything that causes it, no matter how accurate or fair. The second is the kneejerk Muslim reaction to any negative remark about Islam. Anything Muslim is good because it's Muslim while anything bad can not be Muslim. Muslims have little facility for self-criticism and no tolerance for external criticism. Might I also note for a group so hypersensitive to receiving criticism, they felt little restraint in freely dishing out criticism of America.

I'd have more respect for Muslims if they criticized Muslim terrorists as much as they criticized President Bush. My gut feeling is that deep down they think that the Muslim terrorists are the good guys in this fight.


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