Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Stop Attacks On Muslims At Home And Abroad"

This illustrates one of the more irritating aspects of Muslim character: the obnoxious whining and posturing that Muslims are the victims.

Where exactly are these attacks on Muslims at home, here in America? Were 2973 Muslims vaporized in America by Americans because of their religion? How about 297? Or 29? Did even two have their throats cut by American religious fanatics? Did any Muslims get stabbed to death or smashed into bits or set on fire or forced by flames to jump out of a hundred story building or cut to death by flying metal or incinerated in a smoking hole? Have hundreds of American Muslims been so consumed by American hate that nothing is left of them to bury?

Are there ongoing plots throughout America to kill Muslims? To blow up their offices, demolish their bridges, blow apart their trains, run them over in the college quad, walk into their workplaces and shoot them? Have Americans secretly plotted to bring down a squadron of jumbo jets full of Muslims headed home over the Atlantic?

With the scale of mass murder by Muslims in American to date and the ongoing Muslim plots to kill more Americans it is contemptibly dishonest for Muslims in America to claim that they are the victims of terror. The personal violence of American's reaction to the butchery of Muslim terrorists in our own home has been considerably mild, especially when you compare it to the unhinged murderous Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons. They killed people over cartoons. And yet they pretend to be the victims. What a lie.


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