Sunday, August 13, 2006

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is the organizational genius behind all the major anti-war marches in Washington, DC and other major cities. The major lefty radical groups are too disorganized to get the permits, rent the port-a-potties and generators, mass-produce signs, and make the march run on time. So they defer to ANSWER, which has big protests down to a science. When you go to an ANSWER demonstration, you'll see lots of professionally made signs laid out for protestors to tote. At other lefty demonstrations, the signs are all hand-made and off-message. ANSWER wants you to carry its message, not yours.

ANSWER's strategy is to partner with other lefty groups, dominate that partnership, and flesh out their protest with the junior partners' bodies. Their high-handed, Stalinist approach has led to a fallling out with the other lefty moonbat groups which dried up the big protests over the last year.

Pitching big demonstrations is expensive and ANSWER refuses to identify its sponsors, which appear to have deep pockets. Evidently, they have established a daycare center in New York City to which anybody, like countries, can donate money which is then funnelled to their anti-American demonstrations. Their daycare center is their laundry. It appears that Iraq funded them in their early years. Now they probably get their money from North Korea. Brian Becker, the director of ANSWER, has visited North Korea to extoll its dictator, Our Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, and praise the worker's paradise there.

ANSWER is spawned by the Worker's World Party, which is spawned by the Communist movement in the US, particularly in New York City.


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