Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yankee Al Qaeda Threatens LA

American traitor Adam Gadahn of Orange County appeared in an Al Qaeda video on Sep 11 to threaten his home town, Los Angeles, and Australia. I pause here to allow you to contemplate why, exactly why, all our homegrown Al Qaeda come from California. Gadahn threatens:

"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Allah willing. And this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint or compassion," the tape warns. "We are Muslims. We love peace, but peace on our terms, peace as laid down by Islam, not the so-called peace of occupiers and dictators."
Well, I don't know anyone who counts on Al Qaeda to be restrained nor compassionate. The whole history of the Wahhabi death cult which spawned Al Qaeda is one of unrestrained cruelty. The Wahhabis were notorious for annihilating rival tribes in the Arabian peninsula rather than simply robbing and raping them, as was customary among Arab nomads. The Saudi empire is built on the graves of some 400,000 dead Arabs killed over two centuries by the Ikhban, the bloodthirsty Wahhabi raiders who destroyed anyone and anything that deviated from their brand of Islam. The Ikhban, or Muslim Brothers, is the inspiration for Al Qaeda and other Wahhabi terror organizations.

If there is one thing you can count on from Al Qaeda, it is bloody murder. When it can't deliver that, it delivers threats of bloody murder. The good news is that it has been reduced to idle threats. Al Qaeda has not been able to perpetrate an act of terror in years. It has been trading on the work of others.

The train bombings of Madrid were perpetrated by an independent cell of Islamist terrorists from North Africa. They subscribed to the same venomous strain of Islam as Al Qaeda, but were not part of Al Qaeda. When they made contact with an Al Qaeda leader to ask for help, he told them there was none to give but to feel free to use the Al Qaeda name.

Likewise, the London train bombings of July 7 appear to be the work of an independent cell. Mohammad Siddique Khan, the leader of the mass murder plot, appeared in a suicide video released posthumously in which he co-stared with infamous Al Qaeda psycho leader Ayman Zawahiri. It was obviously meant to claim the London bombings as the work of Al Qaeda.

However, the Al Qaeda video was obviously the combination of two separate videos, Khan's martyr video wrapped in a video statement by Zawahiri. It is possible that Khan's martyr video was given or sold to Al Qaeda to maintain the image of the Bin Laden bogeyman.

The happy truth is that Al Qaeda has been reduced pretty near to nothing. It is unable to project terror outside its caves in Pakistan or beyond its home in Saudi Arabia. The unhappy truth is that the hate at the heart of Islam spontaneously generates terror cells that continue to wage the thirteen century war against the West and the world at large.

The bloody-minded Gadahn is helpfully educational on one point, the Islamic definition of peace, which is different from the one assumed by dopey multiculturalists of the Left. The politically correct assume out of ignorance that the peace Islam proclaims is one where all religions coexist peacefully. It is not. The peace of Islam is one where all religion in the world is Islam.


Blogger BALDMIKE said...

Al Qaeda is a group of cowards and pussies who are in fact a bunch of confused drag queens.
Fuck these coward bastards, fuck these coward bastards to HELL !
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Sun Sep 11, 05:06:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Tantor said...


Stop sugarcoating it.


Sun Sep 11, 06:57:00 PM 2005  

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