Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Terrorists Target Tinker

Very suspicious people were seen lurking outside Tinker Air Force Base, near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, two weeks ago. They were suspicious enough for the base to issue Team Tinker Battle Staff Directive BSD # 41:
On 14 Jul 05, three individuals were observed outside of the perimeter of Tinker AFB, OK. They were looking through binoculars, taking pictures and one appeared to be holding a large weapon at chest level. The weapon appeared to be aimed towards a low flying aircraft. The three individuals were described as being of Middle Eastern decent [sic] and left the area when approached. The weapon was later identified as a rocket launcher (MANPAD) and the low flying aircraft to be a B-1 Bomber. FBI in Oklahoma City and AFOSI determined the threat to be credible.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin


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