Friday, July 15, 2005

Body Armor: Don't Leave Home Without It

Here is a dramatic video captured from the enemy in Iraq, taken by a sniper team wanting to assassinate one of our GIs. The bullet strikes him square in the chest. And bounces off.

It must be pretty depressing for insurgent sumbitches to give us their best shot to no effect. We caught 'em later.

*** Update ***

Army Pfc. Stephen Tschiderer of Mendon, NY was the target of this attack while on patrol in Baghdad while serving with the 101st “Saber” Cavalry Division.

"I knew I was hit, but was uncertain of the damage or location from the hit. The only thing that was going through my mind was to take cover and locate the sniper’s position. The shot came from my 12 o’clock position from a silver van parked across an intersection about 75 meters from my location," said Tschiderer.

His patrol returned fire on the van. Two insurgents fled the van but the patrol followed their blood trail and captured them. Tschiderer slapped the handcuffs on the sniper who had shot him, then rendered medical aid to him. Had the situation been reversed, I doubt the sniper would have done the same.

The shooter had used a Soviet Dragonoff sniper rifle, aimed through a small hole cut in the van, which was filled with mattresses to muffle the shot.


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